Pneumatic Lining Machine

Cement Lining Machine

J. & F. Tools have been involved in the design and production of pneumatic lining machines for over 30 years. During this time we have developed and built the now widely accepted preferred method of direct feed lining.

The J. & F. pneumatic machines benefit from the highest quality precision engineered components with the most effective port timing possible, giving them a reputation as the best air lining machines in production.

The standard range of six cement mortar lining machines comprises the following models:

  • A16 suitable for 100mm to 150mm pipes
  • A21 suitable for 150mm to 225mm pipes
  • A1000 suitable for 225mm to 300mm pipes
  • A1315/35 suitable for 300mm to 460mm pipes
  • A2000/50 suitable for 460mm to 610mm pipes
  • A3000 suitable for 610mm upwards, with trowel towing up to 915mm diameter.

All the machines are constructed on the rotary vane principle with the rotors being mounted on two ball bearings, the exception being the A16 which due to its small size uses one ball and one needle bearing.

J. & F. Tools machines were initially designed solely for the application of cement mortar linings. However, with recent technological advancements and the acceptance of epoxy and polurethane as lining materials J. & F. Tools were amongst the first manufacturers to redesign and develop machines to facilitate the use of all types of currently acceptable lining materials.

Epoxy Resin Lining Machine

The epoxy resin range consists of:

  • EP32 suitable for pipes 50mm to 75mm
  • EP45 suitable for pipes 75mm to 150mm
  • EP70 suitable for pipes 150mm to 300mm +

The polyurethane range consists of:

  • PU32 suitable for pipes 50mm to 75mm
  • PU45 suitable for pipes 75mm to 150mm
  • PU70 suitable for pipes 150mm to 300mm +

All our pneumatic lining machines are coated with a tough electroless nickel plating to protect them against wear and corrosion.

The Pipe Liner in Action